Google Chrome Password Database Recovery

  • Features

    • - Rapidly - extracts all information from Google Chrome's database of saved password in under a second
    • - No installation required - Simply run the .exe file and a text document will be produced with all the data found.
    • - Silent - The program doesn't ask windows to allow the program (Windows UAC).
    • - Undetected - The program isn't detected by any antivirus software, it scored 0% on Virustotal
    • - Portable - The standalone exe file can run from anywhere, on any windows machine.
    • - Extracts all data - Not only are passwords recovered, but the username and associated website will also be placed inside the text document.

Auto Typer and Clicker

  • Features:

    World's Fastest Clicker (Mega Speed) - To my knowledge this is the fastest auto clicker in the world, you toggle this via a tickbox marked "Mega Speed"

  • Speeds:
    Left Clicks: 1221 per second, 73260 per minute
    Right Clicks: 4517 per second, 271000 per minute

  • Customizable Hotkeys - You can choose from any letter or number and choose between CTRL + or ALT + e.g "CTRL + T" to trigger the auto click/message. For in-game uses i have made it so that when the letter/number is released, the clicking stops, this makes it prefect for games like CS:S (and well any game really).

  • Click Test Area - I have intergrated a button called "Click Test" to test the speed of the auto clicker. A reset button is also provided to reset the total.

  • Left Or Right Clicking - (Fairly self-explanatory) You can change via a tickbox whether you want the program to right click or left click.

  • Auto Send (Very Useful For Online Chat) - You can tell the program if you want it to press Enter or "Return" after each message has been typed.

  • Send Multiple Messages - I have added the function to send up the 3 different messages at regular intervals e.g if the timer was set to 1 second it would go "Send Message 1, wait 1 second, Send Message 2, Wait 1 Second, Send Message 3, Wait 1 Second, then back to sending message 1".

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  • Virus Total Scan
  • Pop Up Generator

  • Features:

  • Multiple Messages - You can click the button marked "Multiple Messages" and you get 2 extra title-message areas to make a series of 3 different pop-ups (all features in single messaging work in the multiple messaging).

  • Fully Customizable:
    Title - The title of the pop-up / message box.
    Message - The message inside the pop-up / message box.
    Icon - The icon that appears next to the message, whether it be a big red cross or a simple information "i".

  • Looping / Unclosable Pop-Ups - I have added a tickbox to choose whether the generated pop-up will close after you click the "OK" or the close button, or whether it will just re-open when you try and close it (To close go into Task Manager --> right click the pop-up --> "Goto Process" --> "End Process").

  • Set The Number Of Loops - If you dont want an uncloseable pop-up you can simply use the textbox to type a number e.g "5" and the pop-up will loop 5 times, then close.

  • Say The Message - I have added a button called "Say Message" which says the all the text in the message area.
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